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Lightsalt Avatar Essence - Self-Awareness

Lightsalt Avatar Essence - Self-Awareness

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  • Energized sole essence
  • Put a few drops into the palms and the aura
  • First Aid essence for difficult moments in life
  • Emergency bottle when we have lost touch with ourselves
  • Enhances the relation to our own soul quality

Agni - The Black Fire

Emergency bottle for when we don't know who we are anymore, and have lost all contact with ourselves. Strengthens the connection to your own soul quality.

Avatarfire Lightsalt Essences ©
are First Aid Essences for difficult moments in life. Their usage brings lightness and comfort, thus preventing us from getting stuck in the situation.

Content of essence: 10 ml - energized water, 26% salt

Recommendations for use: Take one drop of Avatarfire Lightsalt Essences into the palm of your hand and rub it with the other hand. Hold both hands into the aura in front of the heart (Jesus Essence) or in front of the forehead (Transformation Essence).

This product has german lables only.
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