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Lightsalt Aura Essence - Shakti Shiva

Lightsalt Aura Essence - Shakti Shiva

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  • Light salt aura spray
  • Energized salt essence
  • Spray it 1-3 times daily in the aura
  • Supports the children of the new age
  • Helps with ADHD and ADD


Mantra: My powers are in balance

This spray creates a balance between the left and the right hemisphere of the brain - polarity becomes unity. All processes inside the body that are connected to it get into a more relaxed functional rhythm - everything has its place where it is allowed to be and its function. When Shakti and Shiva concord, life becomes easy, you flow with your own eternal rhythm, the interplay of being and doing, of depth and lightness.
Application: spray into aura 1-3 times a day
Content: 50ml - energized water, 30% alcohol, light-salt

This product has german label only

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